Cardinals in the Birches

This project was used with 2nd-4th graders. Several projects like this have filtered through Pinterest, I simply added my own Cardinal Pattern, since we see these pretty birds all year in Texas.

Choose a colored background page of card stock.

Then, using the full length of a sheet of white card stock, cut strips with jagged edges for tree trunks. Use a black pastel or crayon to add bark lines and branches.

Here’s a FREE pattern to use for a cardinal.  I also reduced it 65% to make a baby bird.

cardinal pattern 1

I had the kids paint a piece of watercolor paper with “cardinal colors’ and then, either draw their bird or use a pattern.  I always encourage young artists to try and draw first, but if they become frustrated and are unable to produce and image they like, I allow them to use a pattern.
watercolor cardinal

Glue bird onto tree branch and add eye and feather details with black Sharpie.

Use a white crayon to add snowfall, and to mark the eyes on male cardinals with black masks.


No matter how you paint them, the birds look beautiful in white birch trees.

Be sure and check out my FB page to see the kid’s finished masterpieces!

Thanks for stopping by, hope you’re having a great week. ~Scarlett



cardinal in the birches 2

cardinals in the birches 1

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Little Turtle with Picture Book and Toys


Another baby turtle painting for a special little girl in France.

Her mother told me she loves pinwheels, her pink ball, books, and her daddy’s black hat.

Sweet Miss H. B., this for you, petite fille precieuse.

Love and hugs from Texas.  ~ Knox’s Mom
DSCF1239 DSCF1242DSCF1245


DSCF1335 DSCF1340DSCF1327


DSCF1345 DSCF1346


H. B. with painting Turtle for H.B.

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Sweet Treat Ornaments from Air Dry Clay


This soft air-dry clay is perfect for molding ornaments.DSCF0993

Half dozen….

I created these small treat bags using tiny cellophane bags and baker’s twine, both found in the wedding section of my local Michael’s store.DSCF1295

A paper-clip can be slid under the twine in back for a hook.DSCF1294

Couldn’t resist making a tiny little peanut-butter blossom cookie. A bag full of them would be perfect for someone who counts these among their favorite cookies.
mini peanut butter blossom 1

DSCF0974 DSCF0977DSCF0954

Since the ice-cream bars and sandwiches were heavier than the cookies, I pushed a safety pin into the wet clay (see photo) for a sturdier hook.


DSCF0967 DSCF1264 DSCF1272

Hope your holiday season is full of sweetness. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all ~ScarlettSweet Treats 1


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Awakening of the Magi

This sketch was inspired by a stone relief by a 12th century artist named Gislebertus,  Using acrylic paints and gel medium, I painted this scene for the  icon exhibit currently at Hope Chapel this holiday season.  Here’s some process photos:20141031_135721 IMG_20141101_131835




DSCF1256 DSCF1253 DSCF1257

IMG_20141217_120036 DSCF1255awakening of the magi 2

Thanks for stopping by to see my art.  I hope the Light of the Christmas story fills you with joy.  ~Scarlett

prof pic with sunlight



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Mother and Child Silhouettes


This is a simple art project using only colored paper, pencils, scissors, and glue.

I had students attempt to draw the silhouette of the mother and child using samples I made as a guide,

while I allowed the reluctant artists to trace patterns onto blue paper.  The students ranged from 1st-4th grade.

Here are two FREE patterns for you to use:

DSCF1106 DSCF1116

I cut a few of the patterns from black cardstock for the classes to use. DSCF1108

I also made up two samples, one of each pattern, for them to use as a guide.  Look at Mattise’s Icarus for inspiration.DSCF1097 DSCF1109 DSCF1114

Here is a small sampling of finished pieces by my elementary students.  They turned out great and each one was unique! See more of the finished pieces here on my FB page.  I post weekly art projects, works in progress, and other artful endeavors on my FB page.
2014-12-01 20.06.02

Thanks for stopping by, hope you’re having a blessed holiday season.  ~Scarlett

mother and child sihouettes 1

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