5 Years of Art

Here’s my self-portrait for March, 2014.

I began this blog in March of 2009 and have shared over 620 posts!

Each and every comment is appreciated. Thanks so much for continuing to stop by and see my art and craft projects.

Art has been, and will continue to be, powerful medicine.

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  1. Floy Height

    Such a sad face. It says it all. Hugs!

  2. Ruth Wagner

    Honey, your art not only is healing for you it is for others. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talents , dreams and faith. I love you, and mom would be so proud of you. I remember she tried to teach me needle point, will share that story with you sometimes.

  3. You’re beautiful, as it your art. I pray for your healing.

  4. May you continue for years to come. Thanks for sharing so much of your work and your self.

  5. I am happy you are part of this world too! I think of you often

  6. Congrats on your 5 years of Art! Your work is fabulous and I really enjoy reading your posts. Your creativity is such an inspiration. Thank you!! ~Sophia

  7. Dear Scarlett – congratulations on five years when so much has been happening in your life … and as you rightly describe Art is Medicine … and you can briefly forget and immerse yourself in your wonderful creations.

    A very evocative self-portrait … my very best wishes and thoughts for you as a family as time always marches on … often think about you all.

    With big hugs – Hilary

  8. Melanie Keel

    Your Aunt Julie and I love this picture of you! You are an artist and it’s just a beautiful black and white of you, with the pop of color off to the side. Love it so much, we love you so much!! Hugs and kisses.

  9. I am so delighted to know you and share your love of art and experience your creations through the blog!

    Here’s to another 5 years! 🙂

  10. I am so happy I follow you on FB and your blog as your art is very inspirational and peaceful for me. I admire your art very much dear. Blessings…

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