“All Things Aqua” Challenge for Somerset Studio

My eye is always drawn to the color aqua, especially when it’s set off by black and white.

These mini black canvases were perfect for my submission to Somerset Studio‘s “All Things Aqua” challenge.

I mixed some white acrylic with heavy gel medium and loosely painted two with circles and two with squares

Some aqua paint was added by rubbing some over the dried medium with my fingers, and stenciling over produce netting for texture.  My eye is also drawn to artwork with a large amount of negative space to I was trying to keep a large amount of negative space on these. That’s hard for me because I always tend to over-do it!

A small piece of book text was added onto each one…

Stamped butterflies, painted with aqua paint, were cut out and glued on.

Then something reflective was added to each one.


Finally I sprayed them with a matte finishing spray.

They look cool on these little black easels…

Mini canvases are so fun to work with.  If you want to submit some of your artwork using the color aqua, the deadline for the challenge is August 15th.  Thanks for taking the time to stop by and see my project.

Hope you’re having a great weekend!


  1. Patricia G. Quinones Flores

    I like your art!!!!!and creation!!!! and the music, its delicious!!!!! thanks for share!!!!!

  2. I saw those black canvases the other day and wondered what would look good on them…..now I know. Those are beautiful submissions! I’m sure we’ll be seeing them again in the magazine.

    • @Renee –Thanks so much, Renee! I thought painting on them with metallic paints would look really cool, too. Hope to try that sometime. I appreciate your kind words so much! 🙂

  3. so beautiful. Right away, I saw this on Pinterst and I knew it must be for this challenge! Well done. I think they are fab!

  4. Susan Maguire

    You are creatively on fire. Where do you sell your creations? Excuse me for asking, but it can be so difficult to make a living doing art. Also, could you identify your music daily, such beautiful choices.

    I think that you must be a very gentle and precious person to create the charming beauty that is you.

  5. Susan Maguire

    Oh, I see. Are you employed by Somerset Magazine? I didn’t put that together.

    • @Susan –Hi Susan, thanks so much for your kind words, glad you stopped by. No, I’m not employed my Somerset, I just like to enter their challenges every once in a while and submit some of my projects. I used to share the title of music selections but I stopped when I began to change it more frequently, it’s just easier that way. The selection playing for this post is called “Dancing with the Bear” by Jan A. P. Kaczmarek. Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. I like the mix of different things. I like the romantic mood, the poetic and the music to your creations you choose. Anna

  7. I like turquoise too. It’s a color I wear and decorate with. Love it! Very sweet project indeed! ~sue

  8. Oooh my goodness! PURE gorgeousness! I LOVE it – and look forward to seeing it in print! xoxo

  9. Beautiful!
    Happy Weekend:))
    Kay Ellen

  10. Oh, this is great! I love the black with the color aqua, and the yummy white texture!! What a great idea! 🙂

  11. These are beautiful Scarlett…everyone is doing aqua/turquoise lately.. I love it…. one of my favorite colors… Hope your summer is going well for you & yours…

    ((hugs))) 🙂

  12. These are simply beautiful in their simplicity of color and style! Somerset cannot ignore your talented art. Blissful dear…

  13. Simply wonderful Scarlett. Love the aqua with black and white. Aqua is one of my favorite colors. I like to wear aqua and silver with black so I guess I am particularly drawn to these.

  14. I too love turquoise – it’s my birthstone and I like to wear turquoise jewelry with a black top and jeans. I love your black and turquoise combination. It really pops with the white paint you used. Beautifully done as always! Gorgeous mini-canvases! And I’m always drawn to butterflies so these little pieces of art would fit nicely in my home :). Love them!

  15. I saw your blog in the Artful Bloggers so I just had to visit. These are so lovely I just had to pin it and share. I hope you don’t mind. I hope to come back and visit when I have more time but I just had to take a peek.

    • @Julie –Thanks so much for your visit and I appreciate the pin, I’m coming over to pay you a visit right now! 🙂

  16. these are just too beautiful!! the medium is a great touch … they look like they are good enough to eat 🙂 xo

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