Altered Coaster Christmas Ornament

My incredibly creative and resourceful friend, Missy Trantham, made this beautiful Christmas ornament.  There are two things about this ornament that I LOVE.

First, it’s made from a drink coaster that she saved from a recent dinner at Chili’s! Awesome! The coaster makes a very sturdy base for collage and stamping.

The second thing I love about this ornament is that the primary image itself was taken from the front of a book of stamps.  You know how every book of stamps always has  a large sticker of the stamp image on the front of the stamp booklet?  That’s the one–how creative! Using FREE stuff that we have sitting around is something that I find truly inspiring, and Missy is always finding creative ways to re-use and up-cycle unexpected things in her art.

Missy always makes things that are so interesting and unique.  She has such a great eye for color and composition.  Isn’t the background cool with the columns of numbers and handwritten text? She even put a tiny butterfly sticker that sweetly covers the printed price in the upper left-hand corner.

She left me a coaster last night, so I’m excited to see what I can do with it–

Thank you, Missy, for sharing this lovely piece of artwork!

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  1. Abigail said, “Wow! It’s famous!” She’s reading with me right now. Thanks for posting 🙂 and all the nice words you wrote!


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