“Cat in the Hat”, Assemblage With Kids

Recently inspired by the wonderful work of Scott Rolfe, I gave my young artist the opportunity to create his own assemblage.

It began with a shoe box lid and one of his favorite books: “The Cat in the Hat”.

DSCF3401First, he painted the background.


I set out lots of stuff for him to work with, along with some white glue and a paintbrush.DSCF3429


He began to create his scene from the many discarded  bits and pieces.  He became frustrated trying to make the characters, so he wound up cutting them from the paper copy.

I love this chair shaped piece he chose.DSCF3416

He used styro-foam and two yellow snaps for eggs and green ham.  🙂


He used many other different parts in his work and it kept him busy for a couple of hours.  The Texas summer heat is keeping us indoors more than usual, so this was an activity that promoted lots of creativity and it didn’t cost a thing.

DSCF3435I think he did a great job!

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  1. Hi Scarlett – really clever … loved the concept and the idea – very steampunkish … with some wonderful creativity added in … Very clever and good for him. I can’t take it too hot … so understand the staying indoors necessity … have a happy week – cheers Hilary

    • Thank you so much for stopping by, my friend! We are melting here in Texas, it’s the really worst heat of the year right now, thank goodness for art and air conditioning! Hope you have a wonderful week, as well 🙂

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