Dressing Up Wire Hangers With Spools and Seam Tape


Over the past few days, I worked out a really simple and inexpensive way to ‘dress-up’ your wire hangers.  If you’re like me, your closet is always full of plain white wire hangers from the dry cleaner.  I thought it might be fun to at least have the first few hangers I see when I walk in my closet decorated in some way.

First, I stamped on some spools.

Next,  I created custom labels by stamping onto cotton tape and sticking it onto cotton seam tape.

I gently bent the curve of the hanger open, slipped on the spool, and then tied on the seam binding. That’s it!


Uh oh.  Then I got adventurous and tried to make hanger ‘skirts’ to dress them up even more.  For those of you that don’t know, I do not sew.  Nada. Zilcho.

I play at sewing but have no idea what I’m really doing, so feel free to laugh with me at this part. I just cut  a rectangle to fit over the hanger…

And then I didn’t even sew the edges….just tacked them together! I could SEW get an award for best cheating job ever! But they actually looked kinda cute.


This could be a cute gift.  You could pack up several of the spools, labels, and extra pieces of tape with simple instructions.


Up next, my young artist has been working on some fabulous fall foliage! Can’t wait to show you her autumn art work!





  1. That is a cute idea! I like this idea for a guest bedroom closet. I am way to rough on my hangars for the pretty details to last. Love the sewing too. I hate doing it but have found I like it if I can use my machine. 🙂

    • @christina — Thanks, I’m glad you liked this project…yes, I know what you mean, that’s why I only did this for the first few in my closet but it still covers up the plain look when I first walk in! Another way to cheat! lol, thanks for stopping by!

  2. Brilliant; I love the idea and your photos are stunning~ What a great way to have those special outfits stand out! You do win, best cheat, it is really clever~ I just love these photos…I bet your closet looks fabulous; now off to see if I have any wire hangers. I switched to plastic…damn! ;D

    • @Ella –Yep, you won’t find a better sewing cheater than me! LOL! Seriously, I would love to learn….just never enough time…and now they have that double stick tape stuff to hem! 🙂 My kid’s always pull too hard on the plastic ones and break them so we wind up just keeping the wire ones. Thanks so much and I’ll be over to visit soon.

  3. Those spools are just darned cute! I give you an award for cheeky! You are SEW cheeky!

  4. Hi Scarlett .. where do you get your spools? Love your idea here though – but I couldn’t go to those lengths .. I’d go spare!!!! I could do with losing a few pounds .. perhaps I’ll give it a go!!

    Actually – what would make a great present too .. would be to personalise a hanger … a present from a child to a parent .. just slightly different – their name on it .. and/or the special item they might hang ..

    Looking forward to the autumn art work … and sewing .. vaguely I can do that – but machine is still packed! Cheers Hilary

    • @Hilary –These are special spools, actually, from my mother, could possibly be from my great-grandmother acutally, as she had a lot of her things as well..
      LOL, you are too funny! Your ideas are wonderful, I love the thought of from a child to a parent, maybe with a label “Mommy’s Prettiest Dress”written in the child’s handwriting!! That would be SO sweet, love that idea so much. Thanks, Hilary!

  5. I would have never thought of this, what a great idea! I love how you packaged them in the box too, it gave it such a special touch. Thanks for sharing and I can’t wait tosee the autumn artwork! t.xoxo

    • @theresa –Thanks so much, the box I put them in was actually a box I saved that Christmas cards came in last year, it was just the right size. I am so glad you came by, glad I found you!

  6. Wow!! Che bell’idea! Mi piace molto anche il timbro sul rocchetto.
    Wow! What a nice idea! I also like the stamp on the spool.


    • @Anna –I love your language, is it Italian? I can’t read it but it sounds and looks so beautiful. I’m so glad you came by! Thanks so much for your kind comment!

  7. Cute idea Scarlett! That is a good way to use up extra seam binding I have stored away. I love that you found a way around the sewing~lol. I pretty much have plastic hangers now too, but what a fun gift or hanger for a guest with a little added personal note. Thanks for sharing.

    • @Connie –Now THAT is a good idea, I didn’t even think about using them as hangers in a guest room for a guest, that’s awesome! maybe with labels like ‘For A Night Out’, or ” For Dining Out”, “For the Trip Home”, etc….love that! Thanks Connie!

  8. Fabulous ideas, Scarlett! Art in the closet! …..what a great concept.

    • @deeday –I appreciate it, Dee, thanks for dropping in and thanks for being such an encouragement, no matter what kind of ‘art’ I’m up to at the moment. 🙂

  9. What a lovely idea and they are just too cute! Where on earth do you find so many old spools?

    • @Lesley –These are spools I inherited from my mother, but I’ve seen wooden spools in our craft store now. The tiny ones in the photo at the top are by Maya Road. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  10. These are so beautiful! What a neat idea to dress up hangers like that! Your closet must be gorgeous! 🙂

    • @Jennifer –Thanks so much, yes, when i walk in my closet now it looks really cool, but it’s only the first 5 hangers! lol! Behind them are still the plain whites ones lined up. Thanks for your sweet comment!

  11. These are just beautiful! What a great idea! Love the stamps on the spools too! 🙂
    Oh, and – I also would like to know: where do you get these wooden spools?? 🙂

    • @Elisabeth R –Thanks so much! I have a handful of these that my mother left me, she was a great seamstress and I inherited all kinds of sewing notions from her. I think they are becoming commonly seen in flea market and antique sales now that people are looking for them. I’ve also seen ‘new’ wooden spools to decorate in our local Michael’s’ store. Maya Road sells the tiny spools I used in the top photo. I appreciate your comment and thanks for visiting!

  12. (Dramatic Sigh) . . . xoxoxo

  13. What a great idea! This definitely puts some flair in your closet and makes it fun! ~Sophia

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