Die-Cut French Fry Boxes

I needed some pretty little treats to give to my lady friends who meet at the park every week, so I got out my die cut machine and made these.  I wanted to show you some pics of how cute these little things turned out.  I used my BigShot die cut machine with the French Fry box die, using organic glitter paper in pale pinks and greens. 

Now, of course, I had to find some candy that MATCHED the color scheme.  🙂

While perusing the local supermarket’s candy aisle, I happened upon these Hershey’s  Mint Miniatures—wrapped in shades of pale green and white!  Perfect!

I put some chocolates in small cellophane bags and tied them with pieces of pale green yarn.

These little treat bags fit perfectly into the french fry boxes and looked just as cute as can be!

And Mrs. Stroud, if you happen to pass by, yours is waiting.  🙂

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