Ladybugs and Toadstools

These are some drawings I did recently. Not sure what to do with them yet.  They were drawn with ZIG pens onto old blank book pages and then colored with pencils.

I flipped through some books and found some cute phrases that went along with the drawings.  Maybe I could get them printed up as  cards for Knox’s Etsy shop?




Hope you’re having a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

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  1. Maybe you should create a children’s book. These pictures would be a great start. I love your work as always and must admit I look at them with a bit of jealousy. 🙂

  2. These are stunning! I just adore ladybugs and these with the toadstools are amazingly beautiful!!!


  3. A visit is always such a treat. Blessing to you and your family on this Memorial Day.

  4. That’s funny. I too was thinking you should make a kids book our of it. They are such great drawings. If you put them together with the right words in the right order they would makea cool kids book

  5. Yea!!! Too sweet! Love them.

  6. Floy Height

    Utterly adorable, Scarlett! Do it! Write a book for Knox!

  7. OMG!!! This is so adorable….You should write a children’s book Scarlett….Especially one involving lady bugs and toadstools…. it would sell like hotcakes!!! You are so talented!!! Thanks for sharing this..


  8. Madelaine

    I love the ladybugs hauling the present up the hill. That is adorable.

  9. Beautiful! I love the shrooms and ladybugs…
    Yes, you should write a book for Knox 😀

  10. I think I’ve said this before and I see that many others agree–you need to do a children’s book. You’ve got the eye for the visuals and the heart for the story.
    Go for it!

    We need your feedback!
    Blogging from A to Z

  11. I, too, was thinking children’s book illustration. I hadn’t thought about writing, but your little story lines are delightful and engaging. Maybe put it together for Knox and publish it for the Etsy shop (or further?) Now that I think about it, the turtle sequence has the same flavor of uplifting quiet story about it. You are so talented, Scarlett – thank you for sharing your gift!!!
    Love to your entire family – Brenda

    • @Brenda –Thanks, friend. I spent some time looking into the whole children’s publishing market a few years ago..and the whole thing just seemed too daunting. I appreciate your encouragement so much, I may get the courage to give it a go soon. Knox makes me feel brave. 🙂 Love ya’ll, thanks for stopping by!

  12. Yes! That’s what I was going to say too 😉 This would be a beautiful children’s book! I love the concept and the drawing – with the natural colors and earthy feel – is perfect.
    Love the idea of cards too, xoxo

  13. Yes, they would be awesome in a children’s book. They are so neat, I too love ladybugs and they are perfect with the toadstools.

  14. Oh my these are darling. Love the colours too!
    Happy new week.

  15. These are really sweet drawings. Have you thought of writing children’s books?? (seriously!) Love it! Art IS Medicine, what better way to share?

  16. Oh my goodness Scarlett, these are just adorable! Yes, I think they would be perfect as cards for Knox’s etsy, but they would also be perfect for a children’s book. I’m being redundant as many other posters have said the same thing, but your style just lends itself so well for children’s illustration (as well as other art): it’s whimsical, sweet, beautiful. I would love to have illustrations like this in my little girls’ rooms too, so prints would be cool as well. Have you thought of adding prints/paintings in Knox’s etsy store?

    • @i. ikeda –Thanks so much! Well, I guess I haven’t really thought of doing prints, maybe I should look into that! Thanks so much for that great suggestion. And thanks for leaving me kind words here, I appreciate it so much! have a great week!

      • I like the idea of prints, too. Our daughter’s room is (supposed to be) done in a ladybug theme, although most of it is still just in my head. I’ve thought I’d like to have some framed art on her walls, but haven’t seen anything I really like. These are beautiful and I love how they’re childlike without being childish, if that makes sense.

  17. oh Scarlett, very magical. These definitely need to be used. They are darling and speak volumes in their simplicity. So good to be able to pay you a visit.

  18. I love you! these are precious

  19. These are wonderful. Soooo sweeeet!! Children’s books – yes! 🙂 Love the turtle pics further down to! Especially the one with the band aid around his neck! 🙂

  20. Hi Scarlett – love the ladybugs and toadstools – providing shelter from the rain – they’re very pretty, calm and loving ..

    Hope you can do something with them .. have a great weekend .. cheers Hilary

  21. Your drawings are so sweet and precious. Just the right venue will come along.

  22. These are so cute! I thought they were pages from a children’s book you are writing:-) But saw from the comments that it is not the case. Regardless – they are fantastic!

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