Published in Sew Somerset and Somerset Gallery, Winter 2014

Having my work featured in three publications at the same time is pretty awesome! In the previous post I showed you my owl cards in Somerset Studio.

You can also see my “Blue Winter” piece in the Winter 2014 issue of Somerset Gallery. This was the first time I attempted to combine quilling and painting!

I also have an article featured in the Winter 2014 issue of Sew Somerset about the creation of my stitched portrait tansfers.  Be sure and check out my original post, and my second and third piece,  for instructions.  They are easy to make and create unique gifts!

My daughter was pretty excited to have her face in a magazine!

I’m thankful to all the editors over at Somerset for their beautiful photography and art publications. They always show the artwork featured at its best!

Be sure and like my FB page, where I post photos of works in progress, drawings from my sketchbooks, and various other artistic pursuits.

Up next are some cute reindeer ornaments made from recycled materials, free pattern included!

Thanks for stopping by and have a Happy Thanksgiving!




  1. jeana boatright

    Wow, Scarlett ! I’m laughing out loud,
    I’m so excited for you !

  2. jeana boatright

    If I put original art on my wall my house would be condemned ! Haha! You do inspire me though to make it homey ! Love you !

  3. How awesome for you! Congrats!

  4. Great news and well done you. Can’t wait to see the reindeer 🙂

  5. How cool is that? Getting published is an honor; three at once is flat awesome. It’s even more fun to watch you create them, only to see them pop up later in a publication (and how they feature them!) I’m so happy for you, Scarlett!

  6. Hi Scarlett – that’s amazing .. your work in three publications and your daughter’s face in marzipan – I love marzipan!!! You are so talented .. and it was such a delight meeting you, your daughters and Knox up near Chester .. such an inspiring time ..

    Great music and I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving .. with lots of thoughts always for you all – Hilary

  7. Congrats! So awesome to see!

  8. Congrats Scarlett!! This is awesome news!!! Your such a talented artist. I love seeing your work. Have a great weekend!!! ~Sophia

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