Singing Owls

These card designs are all hand-cut using some of the super-awesome paper in the KC Company’s Que Sera Sera pack. The changing seasons always put me in the mood for cutesy things like this.   These owls are enjoying the moonrise from their respective tree tops and singing sweetly in the night.  🙂

We have a great horned owl that lives around here by our house and I can hear him once in a while–love the sound.

All my hand made card sets are for sale on my Etsy shop for CS research. I send the profits to Boston Children’s Hospital, where they’re working on a treatment for Cockayne Syndrome.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend. As you probably can guess, we’re hoping for a fire free weekend here in Texas!


  1. Hi Scarlett – love the cards and the fact that you’re raising money on their sales for the charity that is so important to your life .. they’re just beautiful and so original .. love the owls singing to the moon.

    I hope you have a peaceful weekend .. and as you say fire free – I hope you and yours are safe and far enough away .. look after yourselves – Hilary

  2. I love owls, I heard two talking last night! My beagle isn’t a fan, when I try to hoot back, lol. He proceeds to howl, quite the performance ;D
    These are HOOTiful~ sorry, I couldn’t resist!
    I love the colors you have chosen; Fall is my favorite season and makes me sooo homesick! xXx

  3. Your singing owls are so sweet! Puts me into a perfect fall mood. TFS

  4. Your cards are so cute! I am so excited for Fall !! I love the owl’s eyes!
    I think I am going to watch You got Mail this weekend to get in a Fall mood:))


  5. Ooh, yeah, those are really cute owls. I have a few stuffed owl friends – they’re graduating owls in caps and gowns, but as far as I know they’re not very musically inclined.

  6. When I was a boy, I followed creeks through the woods around my house. At twilight, the Barred Owls would call back and forth from the Cottonwood trees. It was a bit spooky, being out there all alone, with the ghosts of things I could hear but not see moving through the dusk above me.

    I’ve loved owls ever since.

    I think yours are wonderful.

  7. I love owls, yours are wonderful!

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