Spring Nest Place Card Holders

Remember these big acorn caps I used for my hot air balloon basket?

They are from the Burr Oak tree and are American’s Largest Acorn.

I still have a lot of them and thought they might make cute place card holders.

We are fortunate to have some Burr Oak trees near our house, but you can buy some here.

I stuffed the caps with some preserved sheet moss…

Using this awesome air dry clay, I rolled some bird’s eggs…

When you cut the sheet moss, little bits of dried brown moss falls from the bottom…

I just rolled the eggs around (before they dried) in the bits to ‘speckle’ them…

These little photo pins are from Tim Holz and were perfect for slipping in a name tag and sticking down into the moss…

Wouldn’t these be cute for a spring tea or luncheon? My daughter’s already making party plans.






  1. I love these little nests…we have a Bur oak and the squirrels have made off with the acorns, but the caps are all over the ground. As soon as it gets light enough to see in the morning… I’ll be a woman with a mission…let the nest making begin. Thanks for the excellent pictures.

  2. These are so delicate and whimsical! Beautiful photography.

  3. Hi Scarlett .. they’d be brilliant for Easter time and various meals .. just so clever .. I just think I’d like to have a go -when I’m free I’m sure I will ..

    With big hugs and love Hilary

  4. More amazing, creative ideas! These are absolutely darling. I love birds and nests…perfect for spring.

  5. What a wonderful idea Scarlett! These are so cute and perfect for spring!!! ~Sophia

  6. Smart & Cute!!!

    : )

    Julie M.

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