“Thou Art A Sea”

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The small quote on this card has been in my Bible over 10 years!  I don’t remember what publication I saw it in.  All I remember is that the words so resonated with my spirit when I read them that I ripped it out right then and tucked it in my Bible.  As I’ve changed Bible covers over the years it has  been transferred from one cover to another.  Cleaning out my Bible cover pocket recently, I saw it again and decided it was time for it to come out.  It’s a quote by the famous British hymn writer, F. W. Faber. 



Speaking of the Lord–

Thou art a sea without a shore

Awesome, Immense   Thou art

A sea which can contract itself

Within my narrow heart.




 Many times over the years I’ve pulled this small slip of paper out and been blessed by the words.

Silver embelishment is 26 gauge bright silver wire wrapped around the card, with brown fiber added and a small shell.

The scene is a magazine page heavily sanded with a fine grain sandpaper in four different directions to remove the sheen.

The words are so powerful to me that I chose to keep the card simple so that the quote would remain the focus.

This card measure 5 1/2″ X 5 1/2″ square.  I’d like to put it in a shadow box frame with several more shells.

Thou art a Sea 3

THou art a Sea 4

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  1. I didn’t even know you had a blog till you commented on mine! This will be fun!

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