Valentine’s Day “Sew Sweet” Mini Canvas

There are so many awesome types of clay available these days.  I want to try every single one.

This heart was made with Sculpey’s Ultra Light, and wow, it’s so smoooooth.  It feels like your working with home-made angel biscuit dough.

I stuck a sewing needle through the heart and then gently pulled it out before baking.

After it was baked and hardened, I slipped the needle back in place.

I rubbed some Distressing Ink (fired brick) around the heart for color.

Then I made a layered background for the heart out of a piece of muslin with a small piece of burlap garland layered over it.  Three ‘kisses’ were added at the top.

This tiny necklace was originally made for Thumbelina to wear in her hot air balloon, but it wound up being too big.  I decided to hang it on the end of the needle for added interest.

I wrapped the extra red thread around a tiny spool.  The mini canvas was painted with fiber paste like before, and then I arranged the items on the surface while the paste was still wet.

I stamped the words “sew sweet” onto muslin with a roller stamp, cut them out, mounted them onto cardboard, and then glued it on at the bottom.


Feb. 14th is almost here!?  is it just me or is this year flying by at light speed?

My angel Knox is feeling better, thank goodness, and so am I.  Yay for antibiotics, yes?

Valentine’s Day is also Knox’s 19 mo. birthday.  We celebrate every month so I’ll try and post a special birthday photo of him Tuesday.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Oh wow, Scarlett! How inspiring and gorgeous work!! You blog is sooo beautiful and full of great photos.
    Thank you for visiting and for your tip 🙂

  2. love it! I hadn’t heard of Sculpey super soft… it looks like paper clay. All of your little ‘sewing’ details are the perfect touch. I’m so glad that Knox is feeling better. Take Care and have fun tomorrow! t.xoxoxoxoxox

  3. What a special treat every time I visit your blog! Wonderful images and so much creativity. The sculpey heart is beautiful and so are you. xoxo

  4. So glad to hear Knox is feeling better! Love your new project!

  5. You put so much of yourself into your art. On the last post I could feel your pain and I knew right away on this post Knox was feeling better. I was glad to hear you were able to get him some meds. Poor little guy. Give your sweet little boy an extra birthday hug from me.

  6. Sweet, lovely, beautiful, again a masterpiece!
    Glad to hear things turned out ‘well’ again!
    Wish you a happy Valentine’s day!

  7. I will be sad when Valentines day is over…will miss your lovely heart posts…but I know you will have so many lovely Spring ideas! Sending you ooooodles of Valentine bliss my friend. xoxox

  8. Your hearts are as beautiful as your heart is. Love, light and hugs to you.

  9. Scarlett,
    Your creativity is amazing. i love how it all looks like it was “just supposed to be.”
    You have such talent.
    Big hug,

  10. I just bought some of that clay for us to play with so it is really fun to see you post a project. This is just precious. Love it. Did a post tonight on my butterfly cards. Scarlett they are so pretty. Thank you so much! xoxo

  11. carol turner

    Hi visiting from Rusty Rooster, your heart is gorgeous! I am going to have to try that clay, I have never heard of it …thank you!


  12. @JOANNA –Hi, thanks for coming by! Glad you liked this project, hope you’re able to make your appts this week, can’t wait to hear more about it! 🙂

    @theresa –Yeah, it’s light like paperclay but so much smoother, paperclay is an air dry…the tiny heart on the necklace is paperclay and you can see how ‘dried’ and rough it looks. It’s fun to play around with the different kinds and see how they are different! Thanks so much for leaving me a comment and taking the time to stop by!

    @dee day –Thanks, Dee! I’m grateful to you for keeping up with my blog here, I know you are one busy lady! Hope to see you soon!

    @Renee–I was just heading over to see what you’re up to, I appreciate you visiting and leaving such sweet comments. And thnx about K. 🙂

  13. @Connie –Thank you, Connie, I’m so glad you stopped by..I know my blog is not always happy and shiny. Sometimes I wonder if anyone will come back if I post truthfully about things…Thanks for continuing to visit and for your encouragement.

    @Anneked–Thanks so much for linking my heart wreath on your site, that’s so awesome, I showed my husband and kids…I was so happy to see that people like the project! I appreciate you coming over and thanks for the comment. 🙂

    @koralee–You are so sweet..I’ve been seeing eggs and bunnies on Pinterest ..I just can’t believe how fast this year is going by already. I’ll be over to see what you’re up to soon, always enjoy your site, thnx for your visit!

    @Julie– Thanks so much, I’m grateful for the kind words. Eager to see more lovely artwork and poetry on your site, I’ll be over soon! Thanks again for coming over! 🙂

  14. @Karen –Thanks so much, you’re such an encouragement to me! Though I must confess right here that I have a sizable pile of “supposed to be, but never did” projects, too. 🙂 Thanks for your visit, Happy Valentine’s Day! 🙂

    @Vicki –Thank YOU Vicki! I’ll be over there as soon as I can and I am grateful to you. Glad you liked this project, too, have fun with that clay, it’s really the coolest stuff ever. 🙂

    @carol turner –Hi! Thanks for coming by, glad you liked this little V-day canvas. Yes! give the clay a try, it’s fun to work with, so many possiblities! Thanks for your visit!

  15. ..such a sweet Valentine!…popping over from Vicki’s!

  16. It is sew sweet, the details really portray your message, well done
    So clever
    I m glad You n Knox are feeling better!

  17. Just popping in from Vicki’s Rusty Rooster,
    Wonderful Heart vignette!!
    Keep smiling and creating, Have a great Valentines Day!!

  18. YEAH Knox is doing better! And a Valentine month-birthday is so perfect. I LOVE everything about this canvas – including the burlap, the tiny heart and the spool!! I love the addition of the spool! What a beautiful piece, thank you for sharing your beautiful art and heart with us here. You are honestly such an inspiration to me!
    AND what’s that you say???? Dark chocolate with sea salt? Hmmm. That sounds fabulous – do you buy it like that in a bar or do you put sea salt on a regular dark bar? (BTW, I know that could be a dumb question 😉

  19. Hi Scarlett .. delighted to read he’s feeling better – and how wonderful – I love your heart .. and the music .. looking forward to sharing his photo with you .. I hope you all had a lovely day yesterday – congratulations … 19 months old.

    With big hugs – Hilary

  20. I love the pretty things you make! I’m visiting from Vicki’s! It’s so nice to see your blog and all of your beautiful creations! ♥

  21. Hello. I came to visit from Vicki @ Rusty Rooster Vintage and I like what I see. Blissful Creativity…

  22. Beautiful clay heart Scarlett!!! I love working with this stuff – it’s so much fun!!!! All the best! ~Sophia

  23. Thank you for the chocolate tip! It sounds awesome, and I love the idea of you and your husband sharing one together every week. I hope your Valentine’s was wonderful, xoxo

  24. Your stuff is adorable!! I just wanted to stop by and tell you I sent linky love for the Celery Heart stamping. Thanks for the memories!

    Gianne at

  25. You are so talented Will be back. Laura

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